Sunday, November 6, 2011

.. Your lappy is male or female?..

saya kayo2 dekat blog orang yang saya follow hari tok.. hehehe.. then i found salah satu yang saya rasa menarik.. so y not try nak?.. hehehe

so copy from kata2 kak dewi 100%, tok caranya..
i dah try.. n my lappy pompuan.. hahaha..
bah nama nya pun pompuan..
Latipah = Lappy.. hahaha

Well, how to identify whether your laptop is male or female? Just follow this simple step from <--- kredit untuk kak dewi..

First of all "right click" on your desktop. Then click New follow by clicking Text Document.

Next, copy and paste the code below in your text document.

CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"hi dewi cantek"

 (The sentence "hi dewi cantek" can be changed. You may change it to your name or any greeting that you would like to hear from your lappy-that-his/her-gender-will-be-revealed-sooner!)

Go to "File". Click "Save As..."

Type your "File name", as for me, I named it  dewi cantek.vbs. Then, I save it at Dekstop.

(dewi cantek can be changed to any file name that you like as long as the format is.vbs)

Then, go to your Desktop and search for the file that you have saved just now.
Click on this icon TWICE. BUT BEFORE THAT, make sure you change your volume setting. Make it as loud as you can. Haha! Serious!


check it out!!.. hehehe

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