Sunday, May 8, 2011

..Pray the best for her..

Satu hari, saya bersiar2 di blog rakan saya..
n saya jumpa note nih!..

Warning: Others might feel irritating reading this because it is not for you to neither read nor understand so please don't ever read this if you don't want to.

I remember when we first met, I don't think I like you. As I remembered, I met you at Pustaka, when suddenly my ex-schoolmate asked me, “What’s the name of the boy with a black attired?” I have no idea because “that boy” was not my course-mate. He’s Teslians. Then, I asked my course-mate that is seated beside me. She told me that the boy is………Wait a minute, I think I’ve heard that name before. Owh, the boy that wanted me to become his vice-president in Lajnah Qiamullail during fasting month is him. Start from that time, I want to know more about him. I’ve no reasons why I want to know all about him. At that time, my heart will beat faster when I bumped you somewhere else. I bet you know nothing about my feeling towards you.

Well, first I had this crush on you. You know what, I started admired you since I am in second semester for my foundation. Same goes to you. Crush? This has been lingering in my mind recently. I have never believed in such thing as having crush on someone. But, I guess it happens in life, as a human being you can’t just deny it. I found you as attractive as your face are like a little boy. I mean you look like a boy that is still studying in the school, even though you are already in Teachers Education Institute during that time. I also remembered that you always bring your note book with you at all times. I have no idea what I should call that thingy. Then we got to know each other more and more and who knew I start developing feelings for you. Next thing you know, I admired you so much and the most important thing, every time you go to the mosque to perform the solat, I always peeping on you through the “jendela” that is the separator between the muslim and the muslimah. As I remembered, I didn’t tell anybody about my feelings towards you, except my BFF, Kak Edot, Kak Mimi, Nae, Liza & dyg. I want to keep my feelings towards you as a secret, because I know I'm the kind of girl who is quiet in large groups or around people I don't know , you only see the real me if we're close . I smile and laugh a lot, especially at the most inappropriate times. I'm a hopeless romantic. I trip over air, up stairs and over people's feet. I am the hardest person to offend but it is all too easy to make me feel horrible. I hate telling people about my problems, they don't need to worry about me. I believe people should not be judge before one takes the time to get to know them, yet I am guilty of doing that exact thing. I am clumsy, annoying, not beautiful at all and not that intelligent like anyone else. I don’t believes in such love because for me, myself people will judge on beauty if they want to find someone to be their part of life. But me? I’ve no experience to be-loved by someone like my friends, so I kept thinking and I think I should kept my feelings as a secret.

But, until today, I still shock because if you still remembered, you’ve gave me KFC at the end of year 2008. I kept thinking, for what reason? One day, I’ll ask you yourself why you gave me that gift because start from that, I developing a tremendous hope on you, that’s you’ve the same feeling like I did. As I remembered, when you still around, you give me KFC twice and “Aik Kacang Soya”, but the only things from you that I kept until now is that tabung duit…even though, there’s no sound anymore. But, this has been lingering in my mind until today. Why you give me hopes through your KFCs and Soya Bean?....or, I am the one to be blamed, I am the one that is terlebeh-lebeh…frankly speaking, I’m strong girl, but when it comes to love…I’m weak…and for your information, you’re the first guy that showed the positive feedback among the other guys that I admired before. Frankly speaking, since you’re not around, I also admired someone else, but I admired you the most. I might get attracted to another person but I won't simply fall in love because you still holding a BIG part of my ♥. For some reasons, my BFF bet me to express my feelings towards you on our final year. Should I? For your information, among all the boys I admired before, I admired you the most and it is proven when I still remembering you until today. When we first met, I have no idea you would be so important to me. As much as I remember, I keep saying that I have no interest with you in front my friends, but in my heart, it cannot be denied that I admired you so much. To guy who completely change my negatives outlook towards men, I ADMIRED YOU. You're the best and I bet your friends and family are very thankful to have you, so do I. Forever and Always…:~D

LB said: For me, I don't need a Royal Prince to feel great, all I need is a Loyal Prince.

Sheeda Salleh said : saya doakan yang terbaik untuk sahabat saya ini...
kmk org tau sedalam ney rasa ya tol...
n kmk doa kitak bahagia.. ;-)


norhafizah dayang said...

aie lamak sik bukak blog. blog kmk jak masih sama huhu.. :(..

dknaori 미스 said...

kamek sokong wak...smoga kak atol berjaya..ehehe..aja aja hwaiting..!! ^^*